VISAKHAPATNAM: Around 58%  women (aged 15-49) have been found anaemic in Andhra Pradesh in the fifth National Family Health Survey (NFHS-5). Anaemia prevalence among girls aged 15-19 in the state is more than 60%.

Anaemia affects nearly 16% men (aged 15-49) and 18.7% boys aged 15-19, according to NFHS-5. This is a significant improvement from NFHS-4 where anaemia prevalence was 27% among men (15-49) and 29% among the boys.

Anaemia is a medical condition  in which a person has a lower number of red blood cells, thereby reducing the ability of their blood to carry oxygen.

People suffering from anaemia most commonly experience fatigue while performing even slightly physically strenuous tasks. Apart from health complications, the condition leads to reduced productivity, poor concentration and affects the overall quality of life.

Dr V Satish, a general physician, said that the growth spurt — physical, cognitive and emotional — peaks in adolescence.

“Due to the growth spurt, adolescents, particularly girls, need a healthy and balanced diet to meet nutritional needs. It is crucial to identify early stage anaemia to prevent associated problems. Eating healthy is more crucial for women compared to their male counterparts due to menstruation and other associated changes,” said Dr Satish.

Dr Satish further said that prevention lies in a healthy diet rather than on iron supplements. “Patients should also seek medical intervention to identify any underlying absorption problems, parasitic infections or other medical conditions causing the anaemia,” he added.

Courtesy Times of India

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